I created the Mindful Startup Formula to give entrepreneurs a guide, a GPS, to help them be more mindful about how to start a startup. The most important thing we can do at the start of our entrepreneurial journey is to calibrate our GPS to seek signal every step of the way. We need to know exactly where we are and have a good idea where we’re going. With these coordinates accurately uploaded, we can proceed towards our goal with confidence.

The ultimate goal of The Mindful Startup Formula is to help you increase the odds of success in your entrepreneurial journey. There are three key stages of The Mindful Startup Formula, which make up the founder’s journey:

  • STAGE ONE – Idea to MVP: Leverage your love for the problem to achieve problem-solution fit, and build a successful business model, starting with a minimum viable product offering (MVP).
  • STAGE TWO – MVP to Revenue: Prove your business model by establishing cultural foundations for your team and finding more early-adopter customers so you can confirm product-market fit. Prove that target customers love your solution and want to buy through a model that’s profitable.
  • STAGE THREE – Revenue to Sustainability: Walking the customer journey so you can properly acquire and align the talent required to execute on the big opportunity to scale the business model. Execute the strategy by aligning all of the firm’s capital with the market opportunity.

The Mindful Startup Formula’s guidelines remind entrepreneurs that they shouldn’t move to the next step without confirming success at the current vital step. It may seem simplistic, but there is a correct order of operations that will help lead you from your big idea to business sustainability and increase your odds of success.

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