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Startups are hard, but when you apply mindfulness to your entrepreneurial journey, you can minimize the risk and maximize the signal. Feel free to send us your questions, and we’ll do our best to offer actionable perspectives.

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The three stages of The Mindful Startup Formula  provide valuable directional signs and mileposts to guide you along your entrepreneurial journey and search for signal. But more importantly, rather than chart a quick shortcut to riches, this particular map injects the critical element of mindfulness to pace you every step of the way.

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Should You Hire A Professional CEO? If So, When?


Why Product Differentiation Builds a Sustainable Foundation for Scaling a Startup


13 Things First-Time Founders Must Know to Avoid Startup Pitfalls


Unstoppable Force: COVID-19 Changes Everything for Startups (Now and Maybe Forever)

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Why I like Marketplace-Oriented Business Models for Startup Success

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The Mindful Startup Formula: GPS for Your Journey to Entrepreneurial Success

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Follow the Mindful Startup Formula GPS to Entrepreneurial Success: STAGE 1 – Idea to MVP


Why Mindfulness May Be the Most Important Entrepreneurial Tool for Every Founder (Part 1)

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Separating Signal from Noise (and Why the Process Is A Startup’s Best Friend)

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Analyzing Your Market: Why Size Isn’t All That Matters


The StartupHeat blog provides entrepreneurs and early-stage companies with valuable tools and techniques to find the signal within the noise. We aim to help:

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs– Balance the conflicting mental states of typical irrational exuberance (initial overwhelming excitement and optimism) vs. rational practical focus (what’s necessary for you to be successful, long-term). You’ll learn how to approach your venture in a more mindful way.
  • Existing entrepreneurs –Learn how to bring products to market in a digital/virtual age – tools and techniques you can use for new product launches; and
  • Advisors/Investors– Gain the information you’ll need to assess early-stage companies and consider whether to invest your disposable income in the “next big thing!”